About Us

Our Story

A global company lovingly crafted in Toronto, re6l (ReelSix) is an influencer media and e-commerce company. We represent a small but mighty group of YouTubers and develop their in-video brand campaigns and brand partner relationships. We also power their owned and operated eCommerce brands.

Are you a Brand? We work with brands direct, PR Firms, and Agencies to create engaging influencer campaigns. Please get in touch.

Are you a Creator? We believe in a world where passionate, committed and visionary Creators are happy and prosperous doing what they love. If you are looking for (new) representation or information on developing your retail brand, please get in touch.

Did we mention that we’ve kept re6l free from outside influence? We are a privately owned company, profitable and proud, so we’ll be here as long as you are. We hope to work with you soon.

Our Team


As an agile, privately owned company, we’re into quality rather than quantity. So rather than employ loads of people in positions of dubious worth, we’ve concentrated on hiring people who make your life better. We’re a team of 10 and 90% female.

Here are the founding members of our tight knit team:

Duke McKenzie